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St Benedict 2010

St Benedict
The Solemnity of St Benedict and half the community is reduced to the merest whisper as the after-effects of a cold. Clearly, we shall have to take "melius est silere quam loqui" literally for a few days. Although the effects on choir are dire (Mass will have to be said not sung) and the festive atmosphere is rather constrained (our ailing nun has no appetite along with no voice), nothing will diminish the joy of welcoming another Associate to the monastery. However, as our Associate-to-be lives in the U.S.A., we shall be affiliating her over the internet by means of a private web conference. Using the internet in this way may be a "first' for an English monastery. It makes sense, and I suspect St Benedict would approve.

Meanwhile, over at the Vatican, there is at last an official Vatican News Twitter feed. Six in fact: for the English language version look for news-va-en. There is also a new web site for "Vatican Resources" at Both the Twitter accounts and the Resources site are currently dominated by the abuse scandals, which is telling. Here in the UK people have been quick to comment on the Pope's letter, often negatively, but the whole subject seems to be generating more heat than light. The anti-Catholic feeling finding expression in the media is nothing new, but if it were directed at any other group in society might be found unacceptable. There is a danger that some will react to the negativity rather than tackle the underlying issues. May St Benedict help us with his prayers to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church.