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As Others See Us

A selection of recent (2011 onwards) articles, interviews, features, videos and other material relating to the community.

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BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour The Easter Monday (1 April 2013) edition on Women and the Christian Faith featured three ordained members of the Church of England and the Church of Scotland and Digitalnun. The latter's contribution is about twenty minutes into the programme, see here.

BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme The 26 August 2012 edition featured Digitalnun, Vicky Beeching and Bishop Alan Wilson in discussion about the internet and religion, see here.

The Hereford Times of 9 August 2012 featured an article by Lauren Rogers on the community's recent (30 May 2012) move to Hereford.

The Wall Street Journal, in an article syndicated round the world, highlighted our more 'techie' side, with an account of our development of smartphone apps, see here.

Aleks Krotoski, in her highly regarded Untangling the Web series, interviewed Digitalnun here and later incorporated some of the material in an article for The Guardian, here.

Andrew Brown of The Guardian invited Digitalnun to contribute a column in the Comment is Free series, here.

Celtic Connections, a UK EWTN production, did an extended radio interview with Fr Andrew Pinsent (first half) and Digitalnun (second half) here.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation/Durham University invited Digitalnun to give the keynote at the Faith 2.0 Conference: video here. For reactions, try here or here.

The Church and Media Network also invited Digitalnun to discuss some of the issues raised at its annual Conference, see here, which in turn provoked comment in the blogosphere, e.g this and this.

Deborah Hollamby gave a very positive account of her experience of our online retreats on the 3 April edition of BBC Radio 2's 'Good Morning, Sunday'. Kate le Marc described her experience in the 3 June edition of The Tablet (see S8). Both were happy to find that an online retreat can be a good retreat.

The Church Times of 26 August 2011 featured an interview by Sarah Meyrick which concentrates on the community's online outreach: here.

BBC content still online— video, written summary, and 'Midweek' (Libby Purves): all focusing on the online retreat work of the community.

Call on Faith, the app from Odyssey Network, has a three-minute video interview entitled Digitalnun's Story, here.

In the U.S.A. the community has received some encouraging notices from the legendary Brother Richard, see here (April 2011), and Father Zuhlsdorf, see here. The community's 'digital daily' won praise from The Anchoress, a.k.a. Elizabeth Scalia, here. But we still remember with gratitude the post by Matthew Warner back in 2010 which gave us the strapline for our web site, here.

We DON'T keep a media watch ourselves, so if you discover an article or mention of the community anywhere, we'd be grateful to be told. Please email us.
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