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We have been podcasting for some time, long before iTunes made it easy. Most of our podcasts are quite short, just a thought or two to carry with you through the day. We aim to put up a new podcast every fortnight, sometimes more often.

A selection of our legacy podcasts will be found in the BOX below. The quality is variable, especially in the earlier ones when we didn't have a standalone microphone, still less a digital recorder.

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Our podcast stream has been approved by iTunes and can also be found on Audioboo (the very short, less than five minute podcasts) and Talkshoe (the longer podcasts). We shall be sorting out our podcasts and uploading fresh material from December onwards. Our latest podcasts use the Anchor™ platform so we need to do some sorting out.

Legacy Podcasts

These should be appearing shortly.

Little Extras

Sometimes we record talks which are not good enough in terms of audio quality to go on our talks page but which may be of interest. Here, by way of example, you can listen to a talk on the five "S"s of the spiritual life.

A Talk to the Catholic Women's League on the Five "S"s of the Spiritual Life
Recorded live on 20 November 2010 (unedited)

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