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The oratory at Howton Grove Priory

The Future

Why we need money

For nine years we lived in rented accommodation which, although it served us well, was not suited to our purposes.

In the summer of 2012, with the help of a large bank loan, we succeeded in buying a barn conversion on the edge of the Golden Valley, Hereford, where we now live. We needed room to be able to admit novices (our first postulant entered six months later), expand our charitable activities and welcome guests adequately.

A monastery is not just any kind of house and grounds. It needs to be big enough to be welcoming, small enough to be sustainable, and beautiful enough to inspire all who visit with a sense of God's beauty and holiness. The nuns' accommodation needs to be very simple whereas that used by guests should be comfortable. Above all, the areas devoted to worship and study, the chapel and the library, should be dignified, suited to their purpose.

We consider ourselves blessed to have found what we were looking for, and are doing our best to turn the barn into a monastery. Our first visitors have all said that they feel they are indeed in a monastery here, so perhaps we are doing better than we know. Inevitably, it will not be easy to meet all the demands on us, especially during a time of financial stringency; so we must continue to ask for help.

Can you help us? WILL you help us? The next few pages explain how you can help us achieve our aims by

• investing in the Holy Trinity Monastery Charitable Bond
• making a donation
• making us a loan

Every penny helps, so even a small donation would be greatly appreciated.

Become part of the monastery's future

Helping us will do more than secure the space we need to accomplish our aims; it will make you part of the monastery's future. It will make you a founder of an enterprise with a global reach even though it is based in rural Herefordshire.

We have a carefully thought-through Business Plan. Buying a house represents the first, essential stage. If you would like to see some of the questions that have been raised and the answers provided by the community, please see the blog post of 22 August 2012 (link opens in new window).

One last thought: if everyone who visited our web sites in 2010 had donated 23p/35c each, we'd have had enough to buy a large house in Oxfordshire (which is a more expensive county than Herefordshire) without appealing for help; if everyone who visited our blog in August 2014 had contributed 1$ each, we could have paid off our bank loan and invested a tidy sum!

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