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The Friends of Holy Trinity Monastery

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of Holy Trinity Monastery are exactly that: friends both lay and clerical who want to help the nuns realize their vision for the future.

What do the Friends do?

Some of us lend a hand with practical tasks, such as the production of audio books for the blind, work in the garden or painting and decorating. Others are trying to help raise money for more accommodation, both for the community and for visitors and guests, and are very involved with the community's plans for expansion.

How are the Friends organized?

Membership is open to all who would like to help the nuns in any way. A committee has been formed to coordinate activities, principally, at the moment, fund-raising. Lord Nicholas Windsor is Patron of the Holy Trinity Monastery Appeal and has a particular interest in the work of Veilaudio.

Friends' Events

A number of events are organized by the Friends in the course of the year. High-spots in 2010 included a brilliant Winter Jazz Party held in Snells Hall, East Hendred, and the Ave Verum Corpus Concert, held at St George's R.C. Cathedral, Southwark, which raised £9,630.63 for the monastery's Veilaudio service. You can hear their singing of the Allegri Miserere here.

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In fact, the Friends have a gift for music and parties: in previous years we have had some wonderful mid-summer concerts from the Jubilate! Chamber Choir followed by wine and canapés in the grounds of Hendred House. If you would like to become a Friend, please complete the enrolment form. There is no charge.
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