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The Rule Today

Sometimes it seems that everybody is an expert on the Rule of St Benedict, in their own eyes at any rate.

For online study of the Rule, the best starting-point is the mighty St John's Abbey, Collegeville's collection of resources at Their web site is maintained by the legendary Brother Richard, so don't neglect to keep an eye on his list of Catholic resources on the web, Brother Richard's Favourite URLs (links open in new windows.)

You can listen to the daily reading from the Rule on our Rule of St Benedict page. From time to time, we comment on the Rule in the blog or in a podcast.

Translations of the Rule are many, but of unequal quality. If you can, try to read the Rule in Latin — or at least in a Latin/English edition so that you can see how key words appear in the text. For example, Benedict never allows anyone who has committed any kind of offence to be called a "monk": he is always a "brother" or sometimes just "the one who", is qui. It is clear that Benedict thought anyone not behaving as a monk ought forfeited his right to the name. A warning for us all!

    Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus
    That God may be glorified in all things.

    RB 57.9
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