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Nuns seem to have a horror of having their photos taken or appearing on video. However, for many people being able to see the person speaking to them is important; so here are a few homemade videos from the monastery. With luck, there will soon be a couple more (depending on the camerawoman's powers of persuasion). If you click on the thumbnail, the video will play in a little box.

1. D. Teresa, on the Second Sunday of Lent.
2. The rushed "acceptance video" we made when our web site was awarded Premier Christian Media's People's Choice Award in September 2009.
3. D. Teresa reflecting on the Assumption of our Lady.
4. D.Lucy reflecting a year later on the Assumption of our Lady.
There are also video clips which tell you something about the community and its members, e.g. this one from Odyssey Network's Call on Faith 'My Story' series, filmed in New York, July 2011. The Call_on_Faith app costs just 99 cents from the iTunes app store (link opens in new window).

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