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The Library

Thanks to the generosity of friends and benefactors, our library is growing and is increasingly used as a resource by visitors. With the help of Michael Black, a proper cataloguing system has been devised which will enable us to list books online for use by the wider public; and where Michael left off, Myra has ably followed and been busily sorting and tidying before making another assault on the cataloguing.

Michael Black cataloguing titles for the library

We have been pleased to learn that we hold a number of theological and historical works difficult to obtain elsewhere so have been able to make a modest contribution to the work of students and scholars in Oxford. Books must usually be read here at the monastery (appointment necessary), although we have a lending arrangement with St Benet's for use by members of the University. Our digital library collection is also growing — just as well, as we are running out of space to house all our books and have pressed the garages into use for the purpose.

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