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Welcome to the monastery!

We are in Herefordshire now!

At the end of May 2012 we left East Hendred and came here, to Howton Grove, Herefordshire, where we have purchased a lovely barn conversion on the edge of the Golden Valley.

We continue to be dedicated to the Holy Trinity but, in accordance with Benedictine custom, we have taken the name of the place to which we have come. Accordingly, the barn is now known as Howton Grove Priory (our working name) while the community remains Holy Trinity Monastery (our name in civil law, at the bank, etc.)

We have come to an area rich in history and natural beauty. There are good Cistercian antecedents at Abbey Dore, just a couple of miles away; Kilpeck is on our doorstep, while those with Celtic connections will be interested to know that Wormbridge, our postal town, means 'bridge over the dark water.'

Our new website was almost ready to be launched but the publication of Cor Orans, a new Instruction concerning contemplative women’s communities, has rendered some of the information we give out of date. In particular, we draw your attention to the fact that formation is now extended from five and a half years to a minimum of nine and may extend to twelve.

There are several photos of the new monastery on our Facebook page, in the album called 'Holy Trinity Monastery'.

Resident retreatants
We have been pleased to welcome resident retreatants to the monastery, but regret that we are unable to receive any more for the time being. The prioress is ill, and it is unfair both to guests and the community to have visitors staying overnight. Days of recollection and daytime visits can usually be arranged as hitherto.

Sharing a Vocation . . .

We, the Benedictine nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery, formerly at East Hendred, now at Howton Grove Priory in Herefordshire, invite you to explore this web site to learn something about the monastic way of life.

For fifteen hundred years Benedictine monks and nuns have been seeking God through lives of prayer and service. In every generation that tradition has to be realised anew. The following pages will give you some idea of how we are trying to do that. It is a work in progress, as our lives are.

We unite with us in the search for God all who touch our lives in some way:
  • those joined to us by a special bond as Oblates, Associates and Friends;
  • those who share our life as guests;
  • those who surf our pages anonymously or ask our prayers through the Prayerline.
Whatever your reason for visiting our site, we hope you will find something that will be a blessing to you

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Online Retreats

These have a dedicated web site at but are currently being completely revised.

Blogs: Colophon and iBenedictines

Our old blog was called Colophon and had grown too big and unwieldy to be continued in its original form. We have retained it as an archive with an unchanged structure and permalinks, so you should still be able to find items you have bookmarked. You can reach it by going through the blog page, where you will also find a link to our new blog, iBenedictines. iBenedictines can be read on this site or at its standalone address, There is also a version optimized for use on small screens. In November 2013 iBenedictines was awarded the Christian New Media 'Blogger of the Year' prize.


See, in his loving mercy,
the Lord shows us the way of life.
RB Prologue, 20

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